Ski Club C2

Ski Club C2

As an extreme sport, skiing advocates freedom and self-challenge. You can shuttle in the mountains with your friends, simply enjoy sliding and enjoy the scenery; you can also use your imagination and try different actions on props and different terrains. Freedom, partners, experimentation, creativity are all important elements of skiing, but not all. It is precisely because of this that skiing has attracted countless people to participate in it.

SnowC2 was established in Aachen in 2019 by such a group of friends who love skiing. The club now has six ski instructors certified by DSLV (German Ski Instructor Association), dozens of official members and close to 1,000 people following on social platforms. We will organize free ski teaching activities on a daily basis to introduce various ski-related knowledge and share practice methods. I hope that more international students and Chinese in Europe can understand and like skiing.

There are coaches here to help you improve, as well as partners who travel with you. Whether you are a novice just getting started or a pro who has skied for many years, welcome to follow and join us.




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