Planning Department

The planning department is the locomotive of the students' association activities, and every ingenious idea has the opportunity to become a wonderful event. The signature activities of the Federation of Students, such as the welcome party, the voice of Aachen, and the Spring Festival party, are all planned by us.

Every small partner here is interested and enthusiastic about planning activities, and can always propose new and interesting activity plans, such as board game competitions, sports competitions, e-sports competitions, friendships, etc., which are all in the life of international students. embellishment. As long as you have an idea and write a plan, what we need is you.


Organization Department

As the panacea in the Federation of Students, the Organization Department is an indispensable part of the work of the Federation. If the event planning department is the locomotive that proposes the plan, then we are the train conductor responsible for the specific implementation, linking the past and the future——

1. We will be active in all the activities of the Federation of Students, from the allocation of personnel, to the selection of prizes, to the sign-in and welcome of large and small events. It can be said that wherever there are activities, there is our organization department.

2. We are responsible for coordinating the various associations under the Federation of Students and their financial management.

Every small partner in the department has good teamwork and enthusiasm for work, and is rigorous and careful.


Publicity Academic Department

The Publicity and Academic Department is the largest department within the Federation of Students, with a strong technical atmosphere. It is usually responsible for various official channels of the Federation of Students, such as:

1. The operation and management of the WeChat public account, the official website of the Federation of Students, the WeChat account of the Federation of Students, the Weibo of the Federation of Students, the account of the Forum of the Federation of Students, etc. (for example, we built this website);

2. The design and production of event posters, tickets, invitations, etc., the writing of manuscripts and the beautification of tweets (for example, we have Photoshop masters);

3. Media, audio-visual, photos, and lighting management for major events (photography/lightroom/video production is not a problem~).


External Relations Department

The function of the external relations department is as its name suggests. Contact with event sponsors, reception of various job fairs and lectures, invitation to important VIP events, we are the most direct image spokesperson of the Federation of Students. Whether facing Germans or Chinese, communication is a skill. If you are good at it and have a passion. welcome on board!

We need you who are confident, cooperative and speak good German.



The treasurer is responsible for the internal and external financial management of the entire student association, including comprehensive and accurate income and expenditure records, fund management of various associations and departments, reimbursement after each activity, etc.


ways of registration

To register, you need to send your name, major, email address, WeChat ID, self-introduction, past experience, and [department you want to enter] (choose two out of five) to the email address of the Federation of Students:

Recruitment is generally in October of each winter semester. At that time, please pay attention to the news of the official account of the Federation of Students.


Aachen Student Union is looking forward to your joining! !