Ski Club C2

As an extreme sport, skiing advocates freedom and self-challenge. You can shuttle in the mountains with your friends, simply enjoy sliding and enjoy the scenery; you can also use your imagination and try different actions on props and different terrains. Freedom, partners, experimentation, creativity are all important elements of skiing, but not all. It is precisely because of this that skiing has attracted countless people to participate in it.

SnowC2 is formed by such a group of people who love skiing[…]


Aachen Sino-German Association

The Aachen Sino-German Association is a non-profit student association co-founded by Chinese and German students in Aachen. The association is committed to enhancing mutual understanding between Chinese and German students, opening up and developing multi-level communication channels for Chinese and German students from life to culture, and establishing cross-border friendship. The association regularly organizes a variety of social and academic activities, including member gatherings, cooking, outings and celebrations of traditional Chinese and German festivals, as well as lectures, seminars and company visits. […]


folk band

After two years of continuous running-in, the Aachen folk band has gradually matured. The band is a team composed of erhu, guzheng, pipa, flute and other national musical instruments. Its members are all non-music majors at school, but it is a team with high professional quality and lofty artistic pursuit. In the past two years, the Aachen Folk Orchestra has successively participated in the Spring Festival Gala organized by Aachen, Cologne, and Bochum Federation of Students, the North Rhine-Westphalia Youth Art Show, the "China Festival" in Cologne, and was also invited to participate in the Spring Festival Gala of the German-Vietnamese Friendship Association. Performance. We look forward to your joining, let us enjoy the wonderful performance of various instruments together, and jointly stimulate the infinite possibilities of folk music interpretation. […]


Aachen Hanfu Club

Wearing Hanfu, stepping on foreign soil, traveling thousands of miles, let the world know my name and where I come from.
Traveling to foreign lands and wandering the city, there is no strange vision, and the encounter is also appreciation.
We not only use Hanfu as a carrier to carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation; we also use Hanfu as a non-linguistic symbol to realize the collision of Chinese and Western cultures through outings, equestrian festival performances and the Aachen Spring Festival Gala stage.
If you are also interested in us, Hanfu, or the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, or you want to find a partner who wears Hanfu on the street together, or you want to participate in activities and performances with us, welcome to join us, we look forward to seeing you 's arrival […]


string orchestra colors

The string band colours is recruiting! The Aachen string band colours, is a soon-to-be-formed band, founded by Shao Tianshu (cellist), the lead singer of the rock band Over Se7en, Bao Yiqing (violinist), a student union member, and Wang Yiwei (violinist). After the establishment of colours, it is mainly a string ensemble. It can cooperate with the Over Se7en rock band for avant-garde rock and use imagination for songs and ancient […]


Over Se7en

Over Se7en, formed in October 2019, is a rock band composed of university students from RWTH Aachen. The band members are drummer-Liu Tong, lead guitarist-Xu Han, bassist-Geng Qinyu, rhythm guitarist-Zhao Chenrui, keyboardist-Gao Yifan, vocalist-Shao Tianshu. Since its establishment, the band has participated in the opening and intermission performances of The Voice of Aachen, the performance of the Aachen Spring Festival Gala, and held a special rock live in Aachen. Over Se[…]