Aachen Hanfu Club

Aachen Hanfu Club

Wearing Hanfu, stepping on foreign soil, traveling thousands of miles, let the world know my name and where I come from.

Traveling to foreign lands and wandering the city, there is no strange vision, and the encounter is also appreciation.

We not only use Hanfu as a carrier to carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation; we also use Hanfu as a non-linguistic symbol to realize the collision of Chinese and Western cultures through outings, equestrian festival performances and the Aachen Spring Festival Gala stage.

If you are also interested in us, Hanfu, or the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, or you want to find a partner who wears Hanfu on the street together, or you want to participate in activities and performances with us, welcome to join us, we look forward to seeing you 's arrival

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