NRW online competition

NRW online competition

Organizers: Aachen Chinese Students and Scholars Association (VCWSA eV) Cologne Chinese Students and Scholars Association (VCSK eV)
Competition game:League of Legends (PC platform)
Competition time: Winter of 2020, Christmas-New Year's Day holiday from December 26th to January 3rd, 2021
Registration time: as of 23:59 on December 13, 2020 (Berlin time, Germany)
Registration channel:Toornament
Live platform:Twitch

1. General description of the competition:

1. Competition mode: Custom/Tournament Draft (competition mode), red and blue teams, ban/pick order will be determined by the draw.
2. Match map: 5 vs 5 Summoner's Rift (Summer) (Summoner's Rift-Summer)
3. Competition account: All contestants use personal accounts and euw servers. The minimum level is 12 and there are at least 16 heroes. (Roles and runes will not be interfered with, and should be owned by oneself)
4. The standard judgment of the game victory: Destroy the enemy's main crystal castle.
5. Reward system and bonus amount:The champion team will be rewarded with 288 euros in cash, the runner-up will be rewarded with 188 euros in cash, and the third runner-up will be rewarded with 88 euros in cash. The loser group (last 8) will continue to compete for the first place in the loser group, and each winning team will be rewarded with ten boxes.All game prize money will be transferred to the team captain by bank transfer.

2. Registration and matters needing attention

1. For teams that have already been formed: please ask the team leader toToornamentPlatform registration.
2. For Lone Wolf players who do not have a team yet: We provide a WeChat group for like-minded friends to form a team by themselves. Please contact the official WeChat account of the Cologne Federation of Students for the method of entering the group. After the team is formed, the captain willToornamentPlatform registration.
*****If you want to get the competition information in time, you can follow our official account~ (Official account search: Cologne Student Union, Aachen Chinese Student Association)
3. When registering, all participating teams need to provide the name of the team, the game ID of all members, student ID card or proof of enrollment (this event only allows students to participate, including preparatory course students, language class students and high school students, relevant proof needs Attached photos), team LOGO (not required, but recommended), team introduction (not required).
4. Each team is allowed one or two substitute players, which are not required. If there is a substitute player, the registration information must be submitted together. See above for specific requirements.
5. All members of each participating team need to sign a statement of honor. (Promise not to use any form of any
Cheating means, do not find proxy players, do not play match-fixing.In line with the principle of respecting the opponent, being responsible to the audience and to oneself, we will earnestly carry out the game to the end.)
6. Each player and his game ID can only exist in one team.
7. The team name, LOGO and game ID of all participating teams must comply with legal and ethical standards
(Offensive elements involving fascism, anti-humanity, racism and malicious abuse of others are prohibited). If the name, LOGO and ID are found to be inconsistent, the organizer has the right to require the participating teams to make corrections. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. If during the game, the team name, LOGO and game ID are temporarily changed to content that touches the above-mentioned bad elements. The organizer has the right to cancel the qualification of the corresponding team and all previous achievements.

3. Matters needing attention

1. Competitors need to enter the competition room 20 minutes before the start of the competition, adjust the equipment and cooperate with the referee for identity verification. (Specific measures to be determined) If any player has not arrived 5 minutes after the official start of the game
The game room is considered absent (If the number of absentees is greater than the number of substitute players, it will be considered absent). If a team is absent, the referee team has the right to rule that the absent team forfeit and cancel all previous results.
*Additional note: If the game ID of the participating team members is too complicated, you can negotiate a simpler name with the commentator before the game to avoid unnecessary trouble for the commentator. Negotiating a relatively concise title can not only avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, but also facilitate the accumulation of popularity for players and their teams.
2. During the match, if there is no hand kill within 3 minutes of the start of the match, if both players are disconnected, the referee team has the right to decide whether to restart the match. If the game is restarted, both sides must choose the same lineup as before the rematch. If someone disconnects 3 minutes after the start of the game, the game will continue. Disconnected players are requested to connect back to the game as soon as possible.
4. Players are not allowed to use any plug-in programs (including third-party mods), cheat or intentionally create obstacles to the competition by any other means. It is also not allowed to use any game settings that do not comply with the rules of the game, or use game BUG.
5. Any form of malicious chat behavior is not allowed during the game, including but not limited to:Provocations, insults and attacks on people, organizations and nations.
6. It is forbidden to find proxy fights, counterfeit matches, and malicious surrender.
7. When any contestant is found to have acted unfairly, improperly, or against the spirit of sportsmanship (4 and 5 above), the referee team has the right to give a warning after careful discussion, or to speak directly about the game. Punishment measures such as failure as the result of judgment. If the circumstances are serious, the competition qualification will be disqualified and all the obtained results will be cancelled.

4. Post-match and others

1. After the game, if the participating teams have any doubts about the game (such as suspecting that the opponent has played on behalf of others, or using other improper means to participate), please file a lawsuit with the referee team within 24 hours after the end of the game . Please note that it is 24 hours after the end of the game, not 24 hours after the end of the entire game. The referee group has the final judgment on the outcome of the lawsuit. For effective lawsuits, we will deal with them immediately, revise the schedule, and impose corresponding penalties on the offending teams. Fairness and justice will never be absent.
2. The Cologne Chinese Students and Scholars Association and the Aachen Chinese Students and Scholars Association have the final right to interpret this event.

Bringing the best game and viewing experience to you who love e-sports is our only pursuit!

Organization Department of Aachen Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Cologne Chinese Students and Scholars Association Activities Department
November 22, 2020

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