Announcement of the Aachen Chinese Coping with the New Crown Volunteer Information and Service Center

As we all know, the novel coronavirus has begun to spread throughout Germany, especially in Aachen and surrounding areas. How the epidemic will develop in the future is still unknown. At present, there is a shortage of anti-epidemic materials in Aachen and surrounding areas, including the Netherlands and the Belgian border. For example, anti-virus masks, disinfectants and related products are seriously out of stock. At the same time, the epidemic also caused panic among a large number of people, including the German people, and everyone began to snap up daily necessities and hoard food. In order to help everyone effectively prevent the epidemic and survive the epidemic while ensuring the quality of life, the Aachen Chinese Volunteer Information and Service Center for COVID-19 was established. […]


A letter to Chinese students and scholars in Aachen

The recent coronavirus issue in Wuhan in China has affected the hearts of every Chinese and overseas Chinese. Mr. Chen Xiangan, Chairman of the Aachen Chinese Students and Scholars Association, would like to express to all Aachen Chinese students on behalf of the Aachen Chinese Students and Scholars Association according to the situation of the new pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. Student advice. […]